13th July 2014, Vienna, Austria
affiliated with CSL-LICS 2014


Dependently typed programming is here today: where will it go tomorrow? On the one hand, dependent type theories have grown programming languages; on the other hand, the type systems of programming languages like Haskell, Scala and even C# are incorporating some kinds of type-level data.

The purpose of this workshop is to discuss experiences with dependent types in programming and future developments for dependently-typed languages. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

Workshop Format

The workshop will consist of an invited speaker and contributed talks. Talks were be selected according to relevance to the workshop, based on submission of an extended abstract.

The invited speaker will be Alan Jeffrey (Bell Labs, Alcatel-Lucent)

The program is now available.

After the workshop, we plan to invite participants to submit full papers for formal refereeing. Further details will be announced in due course.

Important Dates

Submissions should be an extended abstract of 1--2 pages in portable document format (PDF). Submission is via EasyChair.


Program Committee


Registration is open via the Vienna Summer of Logic.


The workshop started as a TYPES topical workshop in 2008 in Nottingham, collocated with LICS in Edinburgh in 2010, ITP in Nijmegen in 2011, and ICFP in Boston in 2013. Closely related seminars were organized at Dagstuhl, Germany in 2004 and Shonan Village, Japan in 2011.